How it works

Rewardhub is a community commerce platform where your everyday shopping rewards Kiwi schools, clubs, charities and groups with free donations, with money coming from businesses, not from you!



Find the cause your care about and visit their Reward Page



Browse featured shops and offers. Click from the Reward Page to a shop



Shop online as usual, enjoy usual prices , discounts or sign up to offers



Rewardhub makes a free donation to the cause you clicked from (how?!)


Common questions

Who is it for?

Rewardhub is for every New Zealander that does online shopping. Just find the cause you care about, then click to any of the online shops on their Reward Page and shop online as usual.

How does it work?

Each cause has its own Reward Page with links to participating shops. When community members click to these shops and spend, cash commissions are donated to their cause.

How is this possible?

Participating shops pay commission to Reward Pages as a way of saying thank you for sending them customers. It is a way for businesses to support their community and reach customers.

How IS IT tracked?

Participating shops run Affiliate Marketing programs via networks, like Linkshop, who securely track and verify that users referred via links on Rewardhub made a purchase at their shop.

How do I get started?

Click “Add a cause” above and your Reward Page will be ready to go within 48 hours. We will send you a link to the page so you can share with your community members.

How much can we earn?

Collectively, communities can earn thousands of dollars for a cause. Shops donate from 1% to 10%+ of your spend or a fixed dollar amount. Rates are shown on Reward Pages.

WHich BRANDS are on board?

Some of New Zealand’s biggest and most loved brands are part of the Rewardhub community, and the list is growing each week in every sector from retail to insurance.